Friday, March 31, 2017

How to Take Your Business Online and Work for Yourself

For entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own businesses, it's not enough to have a bustling storefront—you need to be able to supplement your sales by building a strong presence online. The internet not only widens the net of your potential customers, a digital identity has become a way of validating and informing what a store has to offer.

E-commerce is a competive space to navigate: Online real estate is crowded, and there's no shortage of other businesses vying for the same attention on Google. That means not only do your online operations need to run seamlessly, your understanding of digital marketing needs to be sophisticated. But starting your online business doesn't need to mean going into debt earning your MBA.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How Cultural Momentum Can Kickstart Your Business

When launching a new business, you have enough stacked against you. The statistics say most startups are likely to fail. You’ll never have enough capital, time or energy. Getting investors and customers is hard.

But there’s one way to help improve your chances: latching onto a trend that’s already happening.

You may have an amazing new product or idea, but if it goes against the cultural momentum, you’re going to be swimming upstream as you try to educate people and change their existing thoughts and behaviors. A much easier path is to ride a wave that already has its own energy. It’s better to swim with the current than try to go against it.

Vestax VCI400

The Vestax VCI400 is another monstrous all-in-one DJ controller (as NUMARK MIXTRACK PRO 2 ), although it’s becoming more rare as the year...